Weekend Away: The Stats

-1 suitcase
-2 Chipotle burritos
-4 heart sugar cookies (thanks to CJ's mom)
-2 doses of cold medication for me
-1 bedroom condo at Massanutten

-12 hours of sleep
-10 IHOP pancakes
-1 Jodi Picoult novel (for me...CJ read undisclosed number of chapters in Reason for God)
-1 California pizza from Domino's
-6 games of Sequence (5 games of Sequence won by me!)
-1 bottle of wine

-5 hours of timeshare presentation
-0 timeshares owned by CJ and Abby
-2 hours of debriefing from timeshare presentation and analyzing all of the sales tactics
-3 trips each to the buffet line
-2 hours home

TOTAL: A great Valentine's Day weekend.