Happy Valentine's Day

For Valentine's Day, CJ and I went away to Massanutten for the weekend (thanks Brian and Bethanie for the free stay!). As part of the weekend, I shared with CJ a few of the things that made me fall for him and that I still love about him.

1. One of the first memories I have of CJ is him coming over to my apartment for a lunch my roommates were hosting. I was sitting on the floor grading papers, and he came and sat down on the floor with me and asked questions about what I was doing. The willingness he showed to come down into my world and be with me continues, and I'm so grateful.

2. Before we were dating, CJ led the small group I attended. When I expressed to the group that sermons often left me with difficult, unanswered questions, he instituted the "Abby Martin Question" as part of our regular meetings. This was a time when people could ask hard questions about anything the sermon might have stirred for them. I was so blessed that he wasn't threatened by my difficult questions and that he even welcomed them. This has been such a huge blessing as the past few years have been full of lots of spirtual doubts and questions for me.

3. The first time I knew I liked CJ was when we organized a trip to Lancaster for the Fourth of July. We ended up taking a walk through Littiz Springs Park just before the fireworks started, and CJ began asking me lots of questions about teaching and church. As we talked, I got this strong sense that CJ both really cared what I had to say and also wasn't afraid to challenge me if he thought I was wrong. This was something I hadn't experienced in a guy before. And I knew then that I liked it...and needed it! I still do.

Happy Valentine's Day love! You are a wonderful gift to me.