Theology and the Two Year Old

Earlier this week, Ellie suddenly announced, "God is everywhere."

"Yes, Ellie, that's right," I returned, impressed at her early grasp of this truth.

She giggled.  "God is eveywhere.  God is everywhere.  God is everywhere," she repeated, obviously rather proud of herself.

"Who told you that, Ellie?" I asked, wondering where she'd picked up this sudden fascination with God's omnipresence.

"Mommy," she declared, emphatically.

I smiled, remembering that sometime in the past few weeks, she had asked where God was, and I'd tried to explain that He was everywhere.  At the time, I hadn't been sure she'd gotten it.  Now, I felt rather proud of how I'd seized the teachable moment.

* * * * *

Last night, I was giving Ellie a bath before bed when holding up her washcloth, she suddenly announced, "I will show God this washcloth."

"But Ellie," I said, smiling at the thought of Ellie proudly showing her wet pink and green striped washcloth to the God of the universe, "remember God is everywhere.  You can show Him right now."

Without missing a beat, she replied, "When God comes from everywhere to our house, I will show Him."

I guess we're not quite as advanced as I thought we were.

Things That Make Me Laugh...

Since so much of my time is currently consumed by reflecting deeply on my own life and spiritual journey and by wedding planning and big decision making, it's easy to feel like there's no time for fun or levity. As a result, I've grown to truly appreciate the little things that make me laugh. After all, the Bible says that "a cheerful heart is good medicine" (Proverbs 17:22). So to that end, I share with you some of the things that have made me laugh this week...I hope they are good medicine for you also!

-On Tuesday, I purchased my cap, gown, and master's hood for my GMU graduation. I had NO idea that master's gowns have these weird sleeves that hang below my hands like mini pockets. I'm not sure what the purpose of them is, except maybe to store snacks to sustain you while everyone's name is called for their diploma. Anyways, to make the whole get-up even cooler, the gown is bright green and the hood brings in the excellent accent colors of "poop brown" and yellow. CJ says I look like Gumby and also had the brilliant insight that the three colors of my gown are the three colors your snot turns when you're sick. Excellent. All the same, I'm hanging it on my closet door as motivation...less than two months until I can wear it!

-Today, when I was walking across campus, these people were holding signs that said "Free Hugs" and running around trying to hug people. Honestly, it scared me, but it made me laugh too.

-Tonight, at our church small group, our singles pastor came to visit and was talking, among other things, about an idea he has to start a co-ed book club. He was trying to communicate how he wanted to make sure the women were included (since some past groups have been men only), but he said something like, "We need to get women reading books." As if the room full of college-educated women couldn't read or something. We all enjoyed ribbing him for the rest of the night. My a shirt with the following text: "Sovereign Grace Church of Fairfax. Putting books in the hands of women since 2008." :)

-And last, but not least, CJ :) He pretty much makes me laugh everyday. What a blessing!