15 Months

52 Week 9 You have opinions these days.

You do not like snowsuits, doctor’s offices, ground beef, weaning, or sharing my lap with your sister.  You love breakfast sausage, your two soft baby dolls and fleece blanket, watching videos on my phone, climbing on stools, and trying to keep up with your sister.

You’re saying more words everyday, acquiring a vocabulary with the same fearless tenacity you showed when learning to work.  While Ellie generally waited until she knew a word well to start saying it, you are constantly imitating the sounds we make, unconcerned with whether or not you get them just right.

You are emphatic with your answers, a clear “yah” for an affirmative, a vigorous headshake for a negative.

We all adore your bright smile, your bear hugs, your perfect little curls.  You bring smiles to strangers everywhere we go.

You are growing up so fast, my Celia Bug.  It’s hard to let go of the thought of you as my baby, but it is a great joy to watch you become a little girl.