Sixteen Months

You are growing so fast now.  I reread blog posts from just a few months ago and realize I'd already forgotten what seemed unforgettable when I was writing it. 

I don't want to forget you at sixteen months.

I don't want to forget how most of your favorite words have "o" sounds:  go-go, no, uh oh, i dunno,  toe, nose, here-you-go, Joel, Ro-Ro (your cousin).  For you, "hole" is "h-ooooo-le" and "dog" is "d-ooooo-g," your lips pursed in a little circle for as long as you can manage.

I don't want to forget how you think it's funny to stick one leg up in the air while holding on to a couch or table, how you think it's hilarious when I do the same thing.

I don't want to forget how much you love your DaDa, how you ask about him all day long, how your face breaks out in a full-on smile when you see him walking up the sidewalk or hear him opening the door.

I don't want to forget how you particularly like to pour pool and bath water on your toes.

I don't want to forget you spinning in a circle until you're so dizzy you fall over or bouncing to music, grinning from ear to ear.

I don't want to forget you with your baby dolls, how you love to feed them with your tiny pink plastic spoon. 

There are a few things I probably wouldn't mind forgetting - your OCD tendencies which require your hands to be cleaned multiple times each meal, the way you whine when I'm trying to make dinner and you feel I'm not paying you enough attention. 

But even these annoyances are part of you, part of the gift.  I'm so glad you're our's.