Fifteen Months

Your favorite word right now is "go-go." 

You say it first thing in the morning, your pajama-clad little self pointing eagerly at the front door, ready to get outside and go.  It doesn't matter where really.  You are equally content to walk in circles around our little court, babbling and swinging your arms back and forth with delight, or to go on a trek to one of our local playgrounds, holding my hand and toddling your way toward adventures in mulch piling and climbing and occasionally a few moments of sitting still in a swing. You are happy outside.  To me, you seem most at home there.

You say it at the pool, after we've spent an hour splashing and dumping cups of water, but mostly climbing in and out over and over again, walking countless laps around the baby pool, climbing on and off the chairs with the plastic slats that so fascinate you.  You point at the "big pool," watching the older kids jumping and swimming.  You are ready to join them.

You say it when Daddy comes home from work, when dinner's over, when bedtime is just an hour away.  You are still ready to go then, ready for whatever little taste of adventure we can offer you - a walk to the mailbox, an evening stroll, a few minutes of fresh air while Daddy waters the garden in the backyard.  You just want to go.

I love how you love life, baby girl, how you run hard into each day, confident that as you "go-go," there is fun to be found, joy to discover.  I love how you take me with you, how your adventures and your joy become mine too.