Nine Months Today

She moves, this baby.  She doesn't like to be in any one place for too long.
She fights her sleep, doesn't want to miss a thing.
She's determined, my little girl.  When she sets her mind on something, she purses her lips together, fixes her gaze, and doesn't stop until she conquers - stairs, standing, walking behind her push toy, pushing purple sweet potato puffs into her mouth with her pudgy little fingers.

It makes sense, I suppose.  Her father and I are both determined in our own ways - me irrationally stubborn, him doggedly persistent.  My mom says that Ellie has me beat though, and I have to agree. I am quick to quit when I don't think I'll suceed at something, afraid to fail.

Not my Ellie girl.  If she falls down, she doesn't even flinch, just pushes herself back up and goes at it again.

I know I should fear this determination, know it will make parenting her difficult at points, but mostly I am proud of her. 

It fills me with awe to watch her, this baby that God made, the persistence that He built into her little soul.  He put it there for a reason, I know, and I pray for wisdom to shape it and a life long enough to see Him use it for good.