Thirty Pieces of My Thirty Years #4: Lamont and Tyler

Outside, snow falls, fat flakes floating on still, heavy air. Inside, laughter and tears mingle with twinkling lights, sparkling ornaments floating in wine glasses. We have shared our burdens; we have entered into each other's stories. We stand in a circle and pray, hands linked.

The baby is sleeping upstairs. The snow settles onto branches. God hears our voices. I feel peace.

* * *

Lamont and Tyler, this is just one of many such moments CJ and I have enjoyed with you guys. You have put in long hours helping us paint and move into our new place, you have sat with us in the midst of our deepest struggles, you have enjoyed us for the opinionated, emotional, crazy people we are, and you have asked hard questions and persisted in hard places of our lives. You have been the kind of friends to us that I hope we can be both to you and others. Thank you.