My First Blog Series: Thirty Pieces of My Thirty Years

In honor of my thirtieth birthday, which is coming up later this month, I've decided to do a post a day for the remainder of July. Each day I plan to write about one piece of my life that has played a significant role in shaping the person I've become over the past thirty years. I plan to write about people, events, places, and even things that have been important to me.

Why? Well there are a few reasons (not thirty, thankfully!). One, it will help me to meet one of my goals for the summer: to write everyday. Two, I think it will good opportunity to reflect on the past thirty years and the milestone that this birthday is. Three, I hope it will build in my own heart (and in those of any readers who might join me on this thirty day journey) the conviction that God is at work in all the scattered pieces of our lives, shaping and molding us through our trials and joys into the people He wants us to be.

Note: I don't plan to present these thirty pieces in any particular order. In other words, they won't be organized chronologically or in order of importance. They'll be presented as the pieces of life are (as much as I've tried to make them otherwise!) - messy, disorganized, and sometimes overlapping.