As I was reminded by several people this weekend, it's been a long time since I've managed a post on this blog. It's been a crazy few months as I've been working hard to finish my thesis, teach two sections of freshmen literature, and plan a wedding.

But things are finally starting to come together...on Thursday, I turned in my 190 page final draft of my thesis and taught my final classes for the semester. On Friday, CJ and I ordered the suits that the guys will be wearing in our wedding. I also read the preface and the last chapter from the thesis at a public reading. It was terrifying, but a neat opportunity to share my heart with classmates, students, church friends, other friends, and strangers. On Saturday, CJ and I drove up to PA to put together our wedding invitations with our moms and a bunch of friends. My mom did such a good job designing them, and I think they look amazing. And today, I just put the finishing touches on our wedding website. Check it out at:

Please continue to pray for CJ and I as we finish up odds and ends of grad school stuff this week and prepare for graduations in the following weeks. We'll also be busy with wedding plans and house/apartment shopping. But I'm hoping that as things continue to get checked off the list, I'll be able to post a little more frequently.