Ready for Home

Well I took notes yesterday with the full intention of writing a really poetic post on my reflections about the Scottish highlands, but right now, I'm too tired to manage. So instead I'm just writing to say we're still here, still having fun, still seeing lots of cool stuff - in spite of all the drama in the airports here.

We spent the last two days on day trips in the Highlands, and they're absolutely beautiful: lush, green, quaint little towns, sheep everywhere, some cool looking hairy coos (cows in Scottish dialect). We visited Loch Ness and a distillery - fun, but I still don't like whiskey. Stacie and I sampled some haggis yesterday, and it was actually quite good. Tomorrow we have one more day in Edinburgh before the adventure of trying to get home begins.

We'd definitely appreciate your prayers for a safe trip home. We need to fly from Edinburgh to Heathrow and then back out again to Dulles, all in one day. From everything we're reading, it's going to be a bit crazy with luggage and all, but we're definitely thankful they foiled the plot. If I don't post again tomorrow, hopefully my next post will be made from good old Fairfax. I can't wait!